Balloon Party Games

The Balloon Waddle Race

This one is an outdoor game for 2 or more children…..

Make a starting line (string works well!) and ask the children to stand patiently (!) behind the line. Place a balloon between their knees, get ready-set-go, its a race to the finish line without dropping or bursting their balloon. If you have a large group or a smaller amount of space this can be done in relays too. For extra fun (and no upsets!) get an adult to place a sweet inside the balloon prior to inflation for some extra waddle motivation!

This can also be adapted for adults too as part of a teamwork exercise. Have a team of adults stand in a line, placing a balloon between the chest of one adult and the back of another and continue throughout the line First team to make it to the finish line without dropping a balloon wins!

Balloon Word Search

This one is a great one for primary school children.

Divide participants into two teams and make two sets each of six balloons. Write the letters to spell out the word W-I-N-N-E-R on each of the six balloons. Scatter the balloons around the party/play area. Have the players race to find the letters that spell the word. The first team to collect and arrange their balloons to spell “winner”. Or mix it up a little, why not try some phonics spellings?!


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